Massage Therapy

Karen H. Tauch LMT


Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage reduces swelling.

Karen H. Tausch has been taught MLD through the

Dr. Vodder School-International (verify on website).

People who ask for this type of treatment, commonly refer to as, Lymphatic Massage. Here it will be referred to as Lymphatic Massage. Technically, Karen H. Tausch practice Manual Lymph Drainage.

Lymphatic Massage is helpful for people who have Lymphedema, and for people following Liposuction, to reduce the side-effects of Liposuction. Liposuction side-effects of Laser-Lipo or Lipo-Laser, Vaser Lipo, and liposuction tummy-tucks initially produce pain, swelling, edema, and lumpy flesh. Lymphatic Massage by Karen H. Tausch reduces pain, reduces swelling, reduces edema and smooths out the skin. Lymphatic Massage can more rapidly reduce side-effects of Liposuction and enable numbness and pain to return to comfortable levels. Lymphatic Massage will not eliminate the need to wear a tight garment or girdle as prescribed by your Plastic Surgeon.

People who have had Lyposuction benefit from a series of treatments following surgery to reduce swelling, gain a smoother body and skin surface vs.  a lumpy-bumpy surface on the belly, or elsewhere, after surgery. It also makes the body feel less painful. If you are preparing for Liposuction, be forewarned, you will feel as though a truck hit you for three months. Afterward, you will feel better. Lymph Drainage will assist in producing more pleasing results. You will be supported after the surgery, by Karen's care and words. Before the surgery you will be discouraged from doing it, however, if you talk about your decision, and are sure, of your choice, please, contact Karen in advance, to allow for a smooth and rapid transition. There are some forms that can be filled out in the weeks prior to the surgery, and following the surgery, one form Karen will follow up with. These concern liability and safety, and your consent to allow Karen to communicate with your doctor concerns as well as ask whether you are well for massage following the surgery.

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