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At her Massage office in Brookline, or in your home or hotel, massage by Karen H. Tausch is a wonderful experience!

Karen H. Tausch has been massaging for 10 years in Brookine and Boston Massachusetts.

She has focused her interests on doing a technique named Manual Lymph Drainage, taught by The Dr. Vodder School.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a completely GREEN technique, or Green Massage. No lotions nor oils are applied, and therefore, the laundry wash will not contain oils and lotions as the water is processed in the sewage outtake in Boston Harbor.

Every individual is their own entity. every person likes something a little bit different from the next. 

What you like, your significant other may not like. if you buy a gift, do not presume the person will take kindly to Deep Tissue Massage, they may bruise easily. 

Every person answers some questions to help Karen determine the safety of techniques and your preferences in the past. An open communication system works the best for both.

Karen is an individual. sometimes jean-clad, since the oils can stain nice clothing, she puts the focus of her work into the handiwork of her massages.

All individuals are sought, with no special type, since the variety is fun.

This is not a spa-like place. You will be pampered, a little, not a lot.

If you treat Karen like a person and with respect, and form a friendship, you will be rewarded. 

Relaxation Massages and all massages are a combination to please the client. Karen can feel the changes beneath her hands.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a specialty. Karen asks for a Doctor specialist in the field of the concern to write a letter indicating your diagnosis. Whether it is suspected you have Lymphedema, or you have had Liposuction, a doctor's letter from your Board Certified Doctor is required, sent and received 2 full business days prior to the appointment to enable Karen to follow up with the doctor. A consent form from the patient to allow Karen to speak with the Medical Providers, is also required for Manual Lymph Drainage.