Massage Therapy

Karen H. Tauch LMT

Karen H. Tausch, LMT



Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Stretching (integrated with Massage)

Trigger Point work

Esalen Massage

Massaging for 12 years in

Brookline Massachusetts


Boston Massachusetts

hotels in Boston MA

Call: 617-733-7105

ask for Karen Tausch.

Experience therapeutic touch throughout your massage treatment.

See Massage Deals for massage specials and coupons.

Melt away on the massage table with a swedish massage or esalan massage.

request a massage in a boston hotel and a portable massage table will be transported to your room for your pleasure for what is typically a 90 minute wonderful massage experience.

A massage chair can be used, too, or for a group of people, several people can receive Chair massage. call to ask about rates.

Whether you are seeking clinical massage work and classical massage techniques, you are bound to find it feels much like many spa treatments, minus the many massage products and spa products, making this a more green product, this holiday season.